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Docent Bios

andes sara SARAH ANDES
Sarah is the Director of Programming for a national civics education nonprofit, Generation Citizen. Her work, coupled with her suburban Texas upbringing, background in geography and urban studies, and experience as a high school teacher in rural America, drive her interest in exploring how we shape and are shaped by our physical, social, and cultural environments. Grand Central is the perfect spot for just such an exploration, and she loves sharing its history, in tandem with the history of NYC, on her tours.
berkon sue SUE BERKON
Trained as an architectural historian, Sue has a passionate interest in New York City and its built environment. She has led tours at City Hall, the Tweed Courthouse and the New- York Historical Society. Leading tours at the Grand Central Terminal is the icing on the cake. Sue enjoys weaving the threads of history, biography and design on each tour she gives.
Originally from Miramar, Florida, Jerry moved to New York City and fell in love with its built environment. His enthusiasm for architectural design, historical preservation and history of cities came full circle when he became a member of the Municipal Art Society. For Jerry, leading tours of Grand Central Terminal allows him to advocate and share his passion for what is one the world’s greatest buildings.
Bio coming soon.
is a native New Yorker who has always enjoyed showing off her city to out-of-town friends and family. Going through the docent training program and learning so much and then being able to give knowledgeable tours of Grand Central Terminal to hundreds of people over the past 2 years has been a fantastic experience.
dantzler russ RUSS DANTZLER
Russ was relocated to NYC by an employer. Hailing from Nebraska and figuring he’d never really adjust to the hustle and bustle, to his surprise he fell in love with the city’s sounds, history, and architecture and the affair continues some thirty years later and counting. Russ became a licensed NYC tour guide in 2014, and loves to show friends around the city. A resident of Hell’s Kitchen and an avid cyclist, he maintains that the best city experiences can be had by pedaling around the historic sites on a bicycle. Prior to becoming a tour guide, Russ worked for decades managing the careers of several iconic jazz musicians and also in education abroad travel programs. He’s delighted to be leading tours of Grand Central, which he considers to be one of the world’s most beautifully and efficiently designed people moving machines.
As a former college professor, leading Grand Central tours is a natural extension of Robert’s passion for teaching. While living in NYC, he has observed firsthand the accomplishments of MAS and its commitment to elevating the aesthetic quality of urban life. Volunteering his time as a docent for MAS allows him to repay the city that continues to deliver its abundant riches and pleasures.
eide stephen STEPHEN EIDE
Stephen Eide is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a public policy think tank. His tours focus on how the recent revivals of Grand Central and the 34th Street corridor parallel the comeback of New York City as a whole.
engler alan 150 ALAN ENGLER
Alan loves Grand Central Terminal. He is passionate about New York City history and architecture, and enjoys leading tours here. He also leads a series of his own tours on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, entitled “Mansions, Money and Scandal.” He is a licensed NYC tour guide.
is a native New Yorker and licensed NYC tour guide.  She has a degree in Urban Studies and never tires of telling the story of Grand Central and its connection to all that New York City embodies.
not_pictured KAREN FITCHETT
Bio coming soon.
is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He is currently an attorney with W. R. Grace & Co.  He attended Georgetown University and its law school. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the architecture of Grand Central, as well as understanding its past, present and future role in the lives of New Yorkers and people everywhere.
not_pictured CAREY GOLDEN
Bio coming soon.
is the Director of the English School for the United Nations Delegations when she is not leading tours of Grand Central for MAS. She also enjoys her work as docent at the New Museum. As a native New Yorker, she loves the way the building tells the story of the city and revels in sharing its secrets enthusiastically with others.
Bridget moved to NYC in 2010 from Kansas City, MO. A former dean of admission, she has been giving tours since she was 19, first of college campuses, now of New York landmarks, including Grand Central Terminal and the High Line Park. Her passion and enthusiasm for New York has led to a number of volunteer opportunities—she is a district coordinator for Open House New York and an ambassador for the Whitney Museum of American Art
grayson reggie2 REGGIE GRAYSON
Reginald V. Grayson “Reggie” is a licensed associate real estate broker, specializing in Manhattan co-ops and condos. With degrees in urban planning, real estate development & investment, and finance, his love of Grand Central Terminal stems from its role as a precursor for mixed-use developments and as the catalyst that contributed to midtown east becoming the most important business district in the world. A native of Huntsville, Alabama, Reggie loves meeting people from all over the world.
was born and raised in New York, educated at the City University and intended to teach. Following graduate study in philosophy, he received a law degree and joined a firm on Wall Street specializing in public finance (aka municipal bonds). Travel nurtured an interest in architectural history and architectural photography, leading him to serve as a Grand Central docent and to conduct a Jane’s Walk around Battery Park City in lower Manhattan.
herdter mark MARK HERDTER
is retired from the Metropolitan Museum of Art after 30 years in NYC commercial photography.  He is thrilled to be giving tours for MAS of the beautiful and historic Grand Central Terminal.  Mark’s father left from and returned to this terminal on his way to the South Pacific during WWII, and his wife remembers riding the 20th Century Limited many times during her school years. Also, both of his grandfathers were 50 year railroad men in the first half of the last century.
janoff ron RON JANOFF
is a licensed tour guide and member of the Guides Association. He designs and leads walking tours of Manhattan and Brooklyn based on his long experience as a resident and advocate of New York City. His tours focus on architecture, art and artists, poets and writers, city parks, historic districts, and specific neighborhoods including Greenwich Village West and East, Washington Square, Chelsea, Rockefeller Center, Morningside Heights, Central Park, and the Upper East Side in Manhattan; Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Wallabout, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Green-wood, and Sunset Park in Brooklyn. Ron, a classics professor and Latin teacher, holds a Ph.D. from New York University. He is a specialist in travel literature, both classical and contemporary, and since 2015 he has been co-president of the New York Classical Club. He has been a Grand Central docent since 2013. He lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

karas linda LINDA KARAS
spent years traveling the world as a TV news producer. Even though she’s retired, she still loves telling stories. She also loves trains, architecture, New York history and sharing her passions with visitors.
koster susanne SUSANNE KOSTER
I’m Susanne, a native New Yorker from Long Island with lively and engaging tours. I am an urban explorer, and enjoy the story each street and building have to tell. With a deep need to know why, my curiosity often has me pouring through the archives at the New York Historical Society. I have a background in mathematics and an MBA in Finance. I volunteer my time and talents with several not for profit and civic organizations. My mission is to learn as much as possible from the smorgasbord of life, including wine, tennis, travel, writing, science and innovation, history and music.
It is about the journey, not the destination.
loves New York City’s vitality, diversity, architecture, culture, and history. They all come together in Grand Central Terminal.  For 23 years when he worked at The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, Karl had the delight of beginning and ending the workday with a walk through Grand Central, inspiring then, as it is today.  Karl’s tours highlight the people, events, and economic forces that made Grand Central grand.
lubitz adam ADAM LUBITZ
Adam fell in love with Grand Central Terminal after moving to the city in 2011. He’s now a graduate student of Urban Planning and Historic Preservation at Columbia, and likes adding insights gained from graduate study to his tours. Adam enjoys making the varied stories and meanings of Grand Central come alive, and frames his tours not only in the context of significance during the terminal’s restoration, but moreover how its value faces the same challenges historic properties must now contend with across the city.
is originally from Colorado and came to New York to study journalism. She is now a writer and editor specializing in New York City news, real estate and architecture. She loves sharing the stories of Grand Central, especially concerning the architecture and preservation of the terminal.
loves New York’s Beaux-Arts treasures and Grand Central Terminal is a favorite. Volunteering as a docent allows her to share her enthusiasm for the contribution that architectural splendor provides in an urban environment. She is a native New Yorker and an attorney specializing in affordable housing development.
not_pictured JUDITH PUCCI is a native New Yorker who knows and loves this city as only a curious and observant insider can. A writer, educator, and licensed NYC guide, Judith has created lively, engaging experiences for literally thousands of people from around the world—including foreign dignitaries and a member of Congress. Judith also moderates “We Were There” at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, a weekly program featuring the personal stories of people whose lives were directly affected by the attacks of September 11th. She also proudly supports the essential work of MAS as a long-time docent.
is a retired information technology analyst and consultant to corporate IT users around the world.  He has lived and worked in New York City for over 30 years and was a GCT reverse commuter for 25 years.  Bill has always loved architecture and enjoys taking architectural walking tours. He became tempted to lead his own tours after retirement and is inspired by the work of Jane Jacobs and MAS.
Bio coming soon.
is a native New Yorker and licensed NYC tour guide.  She has a passion for history and all things Vanderbilt, and loves exploring and showing others the city’s historical treasures.
Another lifetime ago, while practicing law, Sara accepted a pro-bono assignment working with the Municipal Art Society on a project related to Grand Central Terminal. Passionate about architecture and preservation, Sara loved the MAS mission and the history and design of the Terminal. Now years later, she is delighted to be involved with MAS again and to share the wonders of GCT with others.
Bio coming soon.
wayne curtis b CURTIS B. WAYNE
studied architecture and urban planning at the Cooper Union, in New York City, and has been active in the City’s cultural life as a practicing architect for over 35 years. His approach to GCT tours highlights the delightful blend of Beaux Art ornament with embellished modern structural engineering.
Alice Weiss ALICE WEISS 
loves being a Grand Central docent and it’s been a fabulous experience to share her knowledge, hosting wonderful visitors through this iconic building and its surrounding neighborhood.  Alice loves telling visitors about the history, architecture, secrets, and fascinating stories about the terminal.
was born and raised in Manhattan over the Park Avenue tunnel at 95th Street and has often commuted from Grand Central Terminal. He enjoys talking about the physical beauty of the terminal and the clever layout for the movement of people, trains, and cars.
enjoys illuminating the social, political, technological and economic contexts which have shaped cities throughout history. She credits studies with esteemed architectural historian Reyner Banham for igniting her passion to interpret the built environment. After receiving a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, she worked for architectural/urban design specialists RTKL and Associates, Landscape Architects Innocenti and Webel, and residential design firms. A stint in the Moth Storytelling Workshop coupled with involvement in Janes Walk revealed to her the joy of entertaining audiences with tales of urban evolution.